Thieves Impersonating Insurance Inspectors is a Different Kind of Risk

by | Nov 19, 2020 | Insurance Requirements | 0 comments

Colorado MEDThe Colorado Marijuana Enforcement Division has issued a bulletin where it describes individuals impersonating in a fraudulent manner an inspection of a licensed cannabis business.

Their goal is to obtain images of fire extinguishers, exit signs, alarms, and safes.

Calls or texts seem to be the choice of communication when “impersonating a marijuana industry supplier requesting to inspect the premises”

Photographing safesLOCKED SAFE

These fraudulent inspections have similarities to the physical inspection required by insurance companies when initially buying a insurance policy.

Legitimate insurance inspectors will  photograph fire extinguishers, electrical panels, existing damage, and exits signs.  Safes are not typically photographed for the insurance carrier.

Contact your insurance broker

If you’ve recently bought cannabis insurance, it would be prudent to contact your insurance broker to verify if the name and company they are representing is from the insurance company.

In addition, the following questions or requests should be made:

  • Insist they contact you via email in order to loop your insurance broker in on the communication.
  • Find out the name of insurance carrier and policy number to based their inspection.

Taking the extra steps to verify the individual with other sources could be the difference between experiencing a catastrophic loss.   

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