Cannabis Store or Dispensary Insurance Premium Price Estimate

Information Needed for Estimating Annual Insurance Premium:

  • Annual Revenue:  Store income or revenue before expenses.  Example:  $1,000,000
  • Hire and Non-Owned Auto Liability is coverage for when the company rents vehicles or employees drive their own vehicles during company business respectively.  
  • Enhanced Package: Includes $10K ‐$25k ‐$50k or $100k of coverage for Money, Outdoor Signs, Spoilage of Perishable Stock, Backup of sewer/drain/sump, Employee Dishonesty and more
  • Business Property:  Property owned by the store such as furniture and equipment. Example:  $100,000
  • Cannabis Stock:  Coverage for the cannabis product(s) being sold.  Example:  $50,000
  • Product Liability is not included on the price estimate.
  • Price estimate is represented as an annual premium


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