Colorado Universal THC Warning Symbols

by | Mar 12, 2018 | Regulations

Colorado Marijuana Enforcement Division Rule on Warning Symbols for Packaging

The Colorado Marijuana Enforcement Division has released new rules for the adoption of single Colorado Warning LabelUniversal Symbol to be used in the packaging, labeling, and product markings on a variety of products. 

Dear Marijuana Industry Stakeholders:

Effective  immediately,  the  State  Licensing  Authority  adopts  a  single  Universal  Symbol  (“Single  Universal Symbol”) for packaging, labeling, and on‐product marking of medical and retail marijuana, concentrate,  and  product  (“Inventory”)  pursuant  to  the  Medical  Marijuana  Rules  and  Retail.

Marijuana Rules, 1 CCR 212‐1 and 1 CCR 212‐2.

From  extensive  stakeholder  engagement  through  prior  focus  group  and  rulemaking  meetings Warning Symbol Used in Colorado that facilitated  a  comprehensive  review  and  discussion  of  our  labeling  framework,  the  State  Licensing Authority committed to evaluating the application of one Universal Symbol to both medical and retail Inventory.

The State Licensing Authority’s adoption of a Single Universal Symbol is intended to further protect  public  health  and  safety  by  enhancing  consumers’  ability  to  identify  products  containing marijuana.  Further,  by  eliminating  distinctions  between  Universal  Symbols  for  medical  and  retail marijuana,  the  Single  Universal  Symbol  works  to  simplify  and  improve  compliance  regarding packaging, labeling, and product marking requirements.


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