Cannabis Grower Wins Rico Lawsuit

by | Nov 1, 2018 | Legal

Go Fund Me Page Started to Pay for Legal Expense

One of the oldest lawsuits against a cannabis licensee facing Racketeer Influenced Corrupt Organization Act (“RICO”) has finally gone to trial this week in Denver. 

The lawsuit  between SAFE STREETS ALLIANCE, PHILLIS WINDY HOPE REILLY, and MICHAEL P. REILLY, Plaintiffs, v. ALTERNATIVE HOLISTIC HEALING, LLC, d/b/a Rocky Mountain Organic, JOSEPH R. LICATA, JASON M. LICATA, 6480 PICKNEY, LLC, PARKER WALTON, CAMP FEEL GOOD, LLC, et al. was decided in favor of the cannabis licensee according to Fox 31 Denver.

Help with Legal Expenses is Needed

The legal expenses have been enormous for the defendants. 

As such, a Go Fund Me page has been established to pay for the $100,000 needed to defend this lawsuit.  The favorable decision of this lawsuit will silent other lawsuits attempting to use RICO as their choice of legal action to shut down the cannabis industry.

Go Fund Me for Rico Lawsuit

Go Fund Me Page


The Insurance Industry Escaped a Big Catastrophe and Dodged a Bullet

In addition, the cannabis insurance industry is breathing a sigh of relief wondering if RICO would have been a claim they needed to indemnify across the United States.  One of our carriers had 8 different RICO claims in Oregon alone.  After the announcement of the Colorado case, the carrier representative stated “we dodged a bullet!”

We’ve reported extensively the policy language being used on most liability policies could have triggered the insurance carrier to respond to these types of claims with legal representation for the insured at a minimum.