Great Opportunity to Secure Crop Insurance for your Cannabis Company

One of our existing cannabis insurance carriers has expanded their product line and started offering coverage protection for your living plants also known as crop insurance.  The coverage is being made available to Indoor grow only (warehouses, fully enclosed poly carbonate, or similar greenhouses).   Further good news is this insurance carrier has been stable and involved in the cannabis industry for several years.

Image of a marijuana plabnt

The Cannabis Plant

The definition of living plants means the following:

“Living Plant Material” means marijuana seeds, immature marijuana seedlings, marijuana plants in the vegetative growth stage and mature flowering marijuana plants rooted in growing medium.

Examples of the types of losses covered include Fire, Lightning, Explosion, Windstorm/Hail, and Vandalism.  Theft is also included, subject to all warranties attached to this policy. 

Currently, there are very few cannabis insurance companies offering crop insurance.  As such, Greenpoint Insurance Advisors, LLC is pleased to be able to offer this program.    If you’re are interested in a quote, please contact our agency below to discuss your particular circumstance: