Price of insurance for edibles, infused products Manufacture

Infused Products and Edibles Manufacturer Online Premium Calculator

Needing to get a rough idea of insurance premium is made easier with our online insurance premium calculator.  The calculator will approximate the cost of insurance on a annual basis for a edibles company or infused products manufacturer.  The calculator does not include taxes or fees charged by the insurance carrier.

Types of Insurance Coverages

The price estimate includes commercial general liability, business property, equipment, tenant improvements, loss of income and cannabis product coverages. 

Types of property you may want to insure include closed loop systems for C02 or butane, ovens, refrigeration, or automated packaging machinery.   If you’ve made significant improvements to your facility, you may consider insuring those new rooms, heating and air conditioning, and electrical.  

If you have a grow facility attached to your manufacturing company, you may want to consider adding crop insurance.  This policy is separate and may be approximated here

Information Needed to Estimate your Insurance Price

  1. Square feet of your business location.  Example:  10,000
  2. The amount of coverage for business personal property or extraction equipment. Example:  $250,000
  3. The amount of cannabis coverage at the facility.  This is not crop or live plant coverage, but product ready to enter the marketplace.  Example:  $100,000
  4. The amount of business income and extra expense.  Similar to disability insurance when a business is unable to operate.  Example:  $250,000

Need a quote for insurance?

When you’re ready to actually apply for insurance, please contact us to get the process started. 

DISCLAIMER:  Insurance Price Calculator is for information only and non-binding between user and owner. No expressed or implied contract is being formed.  User acknowledges the act of buying insurance requires the completion of an application, underwriting, and consideration.