How Much is Crop Insurance?

The calculator below can be used to estimate the cost of insuring living cannabis plants or crop coverage at a grow or infused products manufacturer.  These are plants at various stages of growth such as seedlings, vegetation, flowering, and harvesting.

Information needed for the calculation:

  • Square feet of the business location.  Example:  10000
  • Amount of coverage for living cannabis plant.  Example:  $100,000
  • Amount of other coverages for business property and equipment.  Example:  $500,000

Cost of crop insurance is packaged with your General Liability

The insurance estimate includes a price for commercial general liability because crop insurance may not be purchased by itself or stand alone with this particular insurance company.   The user may include coverage for other coverages such as business property, equipment, tenant improvements, loss of income, and cannabis stock.

DISCLAIMER:  Insurance Price Calculator is for information only and non-binding between user and owner. No expressed or implied contract is being formed.  User acknowledges the act of buying insurance requires the completion of an application, underwriting, and consideration.